Sunday, 19 November 2017

"Real Life Wargame Trees"?

Out of the vault of miscellaneous photos, I came across this one which was taken sometime in the summer during a round of golf at a local course.

I think you may already know why I have posted this.  Does it not look like a tabletop version of wargaming trees?  Complete with the oval base and completely devoid of underlying vegetation.

Just struck me as interesting that is all.

And how is your golf game, you might ask?  Well, dare I say as poor as my dice rolling....although I do score 6 and often even 10s!  Strokes that is.... sigh....

Monday, 6 November 2017

Dragon Rampant game

WillB claimed first dibs on hosting at the club's Friday Bonsor game night.  Jim and I offered our long dormant collections to the cause and I also offered to bring some additional terrain pieces.
As it were, he was late in arriving so I spread my desert type mat. This is a Hotz 'Wild West' mat showing roads in a darker colour which we would incorporate by placing walls and buildings in the corners to hide these darker areas; creating "corners" to which we each would place our retinues.  Having arrived, Will offered his very old fantasy catapult as the objective; the winner having moved it off his corner of the table by placing a unit onto and using that unit's move activation to maneuver it.  Only Will finally made an effort at it, as the rest of us were simply attacking each other made interesting as we rolled for allied-manship and had each friendly retinue kitty-corner to each other.
the overall game with 28mm-ish figures and a real mix of miniatures.  

In typical Rampant style, luck, dice and maybe good tactics produced an entertaining game.  You can read more about it at Will's blog ( link ) as I will not bore you with a blow by blow.
My purple cloaked heavy foot in a staring contest with Jim's Skinks.

On my part, my heavies had apparently armour the quality of tinfoil and swords made of wood.  And my dice rolling...well..... The following photo speaks volumes .....
My lone Heavy Horse Tekon rider battered and my usual dubious dice rolling......

Nevertheless had fun which is the point.