Saturday, 19 November 2022

New Napoleonic units- Duchy of Baden

Finally got some units painted recently.  Two more Duchy of Baden formations. These are HaT 28mm figures originally late Prussian infantry.  HaT has a limited range of 28mm in hard plastic in addition to their usual 1:72 scale. The heads seem too small for the wargamers 28mm so spare Perry heads were added which brings them more in line with the rest of my collection. 

The Badener Lights in green wearing both their 1813 shako (left) and some with earlier helmets (right).  The Baden Grenadier Guard are on the right wearing their full-dress bearskin headdress.  

Sunday, 13 November 2022

"The Redoubt" Beach Landing

At one point Peter's British in the Redoubt had enemies coming at him from three directions but all the assaults dissipated from my die rolling!

Prompted by fellow wargamer CraigM's pirate campaigning deliberations, I thought a 'Pirate' game might be fun and brought out - for the first time for a game- my tropical beach neoprene mat.  It has a lot of jungle print on it which I sought to cover with dollar store plastic vegetation for the 3D effect. ( really ought to add that to the long list of 'projects' that must be properly done! ) 

I added the focal point of the game with the newly made "redoubt" made from a styrofoam meat tray from the supermarket, inverted and covered in wood putty as a newly built-up cannon platform complete with 3D printed gabions and coffee-stir stick flooring.

The Redoubt with the British gunners - and Peter - trying to determine if the troops landing were allied Portuguese or enemy Spanish - I had flags for both!

the styrofoam meat tray frame for the redoubt

I made the scenario a three-way fight for the three of us, using for the most part a Dungeon Master roleplaying approach with PeterM defending the Redoubt and my British Marines, CraigM approaching on shore with Portuguese - actually Spanish (with a flag change ), and myself handing the slaves approaching by jungle and pirates by beach with dice rolls handling their activations and activities.  Due to the random activities - and with MY dice rolling - not much happened to have the various contingents come to blows other than long range fire,  so casualties were surprisingly light - not many figures were removed.  More the fact that my activation rolls for the three slave units were SO abysmal that the only mischief they achieved was to loot only half the British camp before running back into the jungle!

the slaves looting the camp only to leave shortly thereafter apparently not will to risk any more.

CraigM's Spanish managed getting to the beach after much trouble;  the surf must have been very rough indeed only to exchange a few ineffective shots with the British before departing back to their ship to defend it against a pirate boarding party.  The pirates meanwhile having another group land on the beach had many possible targets with to engage; BUT, again, with my rather low dice rolling, merely left as they came and without engaging.  

CraigM's troops finally are getting on shore.  And yes tropical waters can be that colour....

While this would suggest a rather dull affair but with the doubts, randomness of activities, and differing objectives, we found it entertaining nevertheless.

Friday, 11 November 2022

Ruined Temple of ???

the Hellenistic pike next to "the temple".  I didn't realize I also photographed my markers for those units which have "legged it".  The chopped off legs are remnants of my plastic constructions and might make these as useful indicators for other rules.....

 Having done a "Roman Temple" and a Celtic Roundhouse for those respective armies, I thought I might need to make a corresponding Ancient Hellenistic something.  So a while back now - having just found these photos deep within the memory card - I put together a temple based on a small photo within a travel promotional pamphlet.  It is constructed out of a piece of foam core, pieces of styrofoam and card with columns made from very old cardboard tampon applicators.... Needless to say, my wife, now well past that stage of womanhood was surprised, firstly, she had given or that I had asked for such items, and, secondly, I had kept them for these many years!  

after a quick primer, colour of the styrofoam and card still visible.

Certainly no prize winning example, but it was a very quick build - no more than an hour and a half from first cut to finished painting, having primered it shortly after gluing and then painting it immediately after that.  

Added some terrain basing which helps the look of it.  Interestingly, the paint color of the "stone" has not changed from the first photo to this, however the camera certainly has noticed a difference! 


Tuesday, 1 November 2022

War of 1812 Fictional affair

Having concluded one of the interesting Campaign battles between Craig and KevinA using PeterM's campaign rules, the troops and terrained tabletop had me bring out my bigger battalions for a long-neglected War of 1812 solo-battle. 

Canadian Militia (in early war green tunics) deploying within the village. The regulars of the 89th Foot can be seen in the distance.

I can quickly describe the action: the Americans with two units of Kentucky militia (poor) and the 28th Infantry (also recruited in Kentucky and also poorly trained....) came up against two units of Canadian militia and the 89th Foot. The mounted Kentucky Rifles leading the American advance were in scout mode which covered the American advance but when ordered into formation decided their duty was done a sulked in the rear for the remainder of the engagement - rather unfortunate dice rolls for them were made!  

While the Canadian militia are rated poor, the 89th Foot is good.  Not having played the rules for awhile, and that they are based on random dice for unit control, nevertheless the outcome was what might be predicted.  The Americans marched up (mostly in column so to actually move!) only to be frozen in place and decimated by musket fire. The Canadians even had the gumption to move against the rattled militia, routing them and their friends with them.  The American regulars of the 28th, not having much resolve, so followed as the British 89th, having poured several volleys into them, rolled high enough to advance and have these Americans follow their fellow Kentuckians back across the bridge so confidently crossed only a short time before. 

The Americans marching on the road from the bridge crossing. The American horsemen seen behind the trees would soon call it a day and leave the infantry to do the fighting.... The simple terrain was left over from the campaign I have been hosting.

The lead Canadian militia unit, upper left, is advancing upon the shaken Kentucky militia in their hunting  jacket attire. The other Kentucky militia is aggressively advancing but needing to be in march column which will soon face fire from the 89th Foot ( at right ).  The buildings are my old home-built models.

The 89th Foot.  These have been around for awhile as the flags are hand-painted a requirement before all the nice printed flags became available.  I have the 21st Fusiliers yet to paint because I have the regiment's hand-painted flag done and ready to be used for many years now!