Sunday, 23 May 2021

new WW2 tanks

Not a lot of wargaming of note lately for me.  Always piddling about on this project or that, but nothing write home blog about.

Did do up a couple of Waffenkammer resin tanks included for me in an order by WillB [link to company].  I added a late war T-34 to go against any German Kitties (Panthers or Tigers) others might have for a game of 'What a Tanker', or to be hunted by my German panzerfaust-armed lads.  

T-34/85 with a 'Bad Squiddo' female driver (used as more 1:48 scale to the Warlord plastic infantry than the provided driver) She seems to be shaking her fist in defiance . 

But of course one just MUST do all the rust and weathering!  Mind you I really don't think tanks lasted long enough to acquire such wear in reality.

The other, a rather smaller R-35 in Italian employ for support of my Italian Camicie Nere/ Blackshirt militia contingent.  A famous ‘charge’ of 12 of these caused consternation for the Americans at Gera in Sicily… for several minutes….. 

The two man crewed R-35 with the supplied commander/gunloader/gunner having a seat outside ("unbuttoned") .  He is attached by a magnet in his knee... the internal magnet which allows me to remove him and....

...manually close the hatch.  I managed to drill a very small hole through the hatch's hinge to allow a thin piece of plastic rod - the type which is used to attach price tags to clothing - to be fed through and squeezed at both ends so gluing was not required.     While not partial to resin, I do like the effect of it to portray the historically rough casting of the metal turret.

This R-35 was inspired by the following images of the tanks engaged at Geta: