Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I am big into the War of 1812.  It has all the color of Napoleonics but without all the cavalry and the French!  Well, OK, it is not Napoleonics, Not the tactics, certainly not the big battles and the cuirassier charges.  However, one can have big battalions as there were very few of them and Native woodland Indians if you so choose.  Commanding the Natives was the big motivator himself, Tecumseh. The 'Saviour of Canada' General Brock gave him the rank of Brigadier-General and apparently he wore that uniform (at least once, anyway)
The photos above show my attempt at creating this historic character from the illustration by Richard Hook in 'American Indian Warrior Chiefs' ISBN 1853141143, 1990. I believe the basic figure was a Victrix mounted officer with bicorne in hand which I removed and crudely bent the arm. The long white shirt was added with green stuff modelling putty as was the long hair, turban and buckskin fringe to the existing trousers.  Simple but effective I think.

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