Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Horse Guards Museum, London

 Horse Guards Museum, London
A small but interesting museum of the history and current activities of the Household Regiments. 
Guard on duty. 

The museum had an example of the heavy boots which one could touch (and indeed wear!).  They have much the same suppleness as very tall stiff ski boots! We saw him walk with these and indeed, if one has ever walked to the chalet in tight ski boots, you get the idea.  Together with cuirass armour  ( which one could also handle.  Heavy indeed! ) and helmet, standing at attention with sword in hand, is an ordeal.

museum entrance

The current parade dress of the Life Guards and Household (Blues) Regiments. 
My wife standing in the Parade Grounds.  In the very heart of the city,  this courtyard is expensive real estate.

Along with the Guard infantry, they make it known that they are still a modern fighting force and active in current actions along with the pomp, large horses and shiny helmets.  In this, they are unique.

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  1. Nice pics and the weather looks great. I found it amusing that Ray Milland (Man w/X-ray Eyes) served in the Blues - but of course you knew this I'm sure. See you at Enfilade!