Tuesday, 28 October 2014

new units for Waterloo

Painting being steadily done to complete Wellington's army for Waterloo.
The Hanoverians made up a large contingent both with their Field and Militia contingents but also with the old veterans from Hanover who had formed the King's German Legion.
While the red caps are quintessential look of the Hanoverian infantry, there is debate about their use.  I tend to go with the look than the authentic.  If that was not the case, the uniforms would be much, much dirtier.  The yellow of the officer's sash and the white rolls has them identifiable on the table as, well, not British. 
The Hanoverian contingent in the field with the KGL line and lights in the fore forming the first of the "brigades"
The KGL artillery and Light Dragoons in the rear
the British 69th Regiment of Foot showing the effects of the combat at Quatre Bras with sliced shakos and bandaged heads from French cuirassier blades and only the one -the Regimental- flag; the King's Colour was captured in that battle.
The 2nd (North British) Dragoons or better known as the "Scots Greys"   I really do not like painting horses and especially light coloured , grey and white, horses as they are very hard to do realistically.  Reasonably pleased with how these appear. Equestrians please overlook! 
The Scots Greys off on the charge.
[ The blank area on the base is for attachment of their command label ]


  1. The more I see of your troops the more impressed I am. The big bases are superb. I'm assuming they represent a battalion/regiment? I like the idea of being able to position unit info on the base as well.

    1. While each base contains a representation of one historical unit, this element usually represents brigade strength forces for our games. With this ratio, i can pick and choose which regiment out of the many from each of these brigades I will do. Of course one could use 6mm and create several battalions on each base, and while this would look great in as itself, I like the effect of 28mm on the table. More of the "wow" factor perhaps.
      The command label area is blocked off by painter's tape used to mask off areas in house painting so after the application of the ground work, this can be easily removed leaving the area clean and clear so the card label can be easily attached by "blu-tak" or similar low adhesive gum.

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  3. They look marvellous Doug. I like the mix of figures on each base.

  4. from table distance your Scots Greys will command the admiration they deserve

    once they slice through some French battalions, even more so!

  5. Great looking units, really fantastic!