Friday, 27 March 2015

A wargamer's conversation with his wife

 Packing all the many figures I have collected in the last couple of years into the boxes readying for my game of Waterloo for the local convention this weekend,  I had this conversation with my wife:

The Wife: (with her favourite sweet waved in front of her) ...and I don't need the temptation dear...unlike when a pack of Perry miniatures is placed in front of you!
The Husband: Oh, thank you for reminding me.   I want to place another order with them.
The Wife: A large one?
The Husband:  I have been trying, trying mind you, to 'perry' it down.
The Wife:  Yeah, right.  Ha. (as she removes the credit card to a safer location)
The Husband (thinking to himself) :  Well that bit of humour was as effective as a lead balloon.
"Now Maitland, now's your time!"  Scene from the Battle of Waterloo. The British First Foot Guards in action. (the 'wheat field' is simply a straw foot mat cut to fit) (plastic Perry figures)

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  1. They just don't understand these women??? Its not our fault, we can't help it, its an addiction......shinybloodyeyetus is its name.