Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Waterloo game photos

Waterloo in the initial stages.  We are looking from the north-west with Hougomont the brick complex on the right and Plancenoit between the hands of DaveB in the purple sweater.  The road from far end to curve near the bottom (east-west) represents the crestline of the ridge. (for those who follow this historical battle!)  The table is 9 by 6 feet so we have plenty of maneuver room.  The scenario is designed for even a smaller space.

Using our measuring stick, "Napoleon" moves up the French Imperial Guard foot. 

d'Erlon's Corps behind the Guard Foot Artillery of the Grand Battery

Right out of the history:  the British Heavy Horse of Ponsonby's and Somerset's Brigades charge the French column of d'Erlon

Our rules allow artillery fire through friendlies.  No, the Hanoverians are not taking canister fire onto their backs!
The French advance in forlorn confidence 
Milhaud's Cavalry Corps.  The whole thing!
French advance around La Haye Sainte

French cuirassiers.  I just love the look of these guys!


  1. Great looking game, did you finish it? will we get a full report and please more pictures :-)


    1. Ian,
      I must admit in my perfect world I would have a bunch of guys over at my place, all very familiar with the rules and with hours available to slowly travel through each turn with the complete written history. Unfortunately this was at a convention setting with rookies and a dearth of players so each had way too much to do (read: me)
      You can read my previous post for a bit more info but, in short, the battle was a strategic loss for Napoleon but unlike his historic counterpart he still had an army intact to continue the fight. DaveB. who played our Napoleon was the only experienced player in the game and knew how fragile the French had become. The success of the charge of the Dutch-Belgian heavy horse(!) against the French Imperial Guard sealed the French fate as he knew that further losses will snowball the effect of the collapse. (the corps morale chart is my favourite aspect of the rules - simple but extremely effective tool in having an army collapse.
      Happy for your interest

    2. Ah, I will go take a look. I am doing the same battle (surprise surprise) but in 6mm I only hope our game can look half as good as yours!


  2. I love the look you have achieved with these games!!

    1. Thank you
      Anything in particular that you think makes it for you?

  3. More fabulous photos Doug, lovely.
    Three Waterloos already and it is only just the beginning of April! Great stuff.