Sunday, 13 September 2015

Summertime Romans

I like the summer heat as we don't often get all that warm, with a few days exception, and certainly do not want to waste the opportunity to get outside while still doing some hobby stuff.  Usually that entails working on terrain items or prepping of the miniatures for the winter.  Think squirrel.
However, this year, once again the premier task was the dual Roman DBA armies. (see:previous post)

 With the outside in mind, I do not do my usual painting method but white primer and splash on the colours without too much concern with total neatness knowing the wash will (hopefully) cover any indiscretions.  Crouched over a folding table and chair, speed of application was the goal.  With the  time needed to complete their basing terrain included, it took me about 9 minutes per figure from "raw lead to ready-to-game"

The miniatures are mostly Old Glory Caesarian Romans with some other unknown types used for the auxiliary troops that were gained from trades.  The DBA rules armies are wonderfully small and so only a few Old Glory packs are needed -  these being found in the bargain bin at the local hobby store!

Roman Civil War!  I painted both armies at the same time.

The "General" stand for one of the armies

close up of the Old Glory models

All DBA armies consist of 12 elements. I varied the composition for these Roman armies by having one with its General mounted as cavalry. 
The one Roman army with the General as a cavalry element.  The bodies are of unknown origin with their Celtic heads chopped off to be replaced with OG Roman ones attached by 'green stuff' painted red to represent neckcloths.  I left the vexillum and indeed all the shields unmarked should some of the superb transfers available want to be employed

I say two armies and painted at the same time but how do I distinguish them?  From the photo, can you tell?
This picture shows a clearer contrast in the color of the edge of the bases.  One army in brown the other in black. Obvious if told and so useful in a head-to-head game but not so contrasting if wanting to double size the force. 

I have yet to game with this army nor indeed the previous "summertime armies" I have done.  Truth be told they may suffer the fate of several of my collections to be ever in a box -grin- 
For many fun in the sun is on a beach.  My version is painting armies and enjoying my hobby.


  1. Wow! They look great, Doug. You say DBA, but they are 28mm, correct? These OG look as good as anything else available.

    1. Yes, Dean, 28mm. Yeah, yeah, DBA is only played with 15mm. Well not really so and personally I like the larger scale even for this. But I still have lots of armies in 15mm so all is good...

  2. lovely sight of Romans! and the OG figures are nicely sculpt too! Great DBA army you have here!

    1. Technically armieS Phil, but as they ARE but those small DBA types...grin
      But yes, everyone loves the sight of the Romans. i wonder why that is? I don't know but I have now five armies of them!
      thanks for the kind comment

  3. Replies
    1. I can certainly understand why the wash technique for painting is now so used by many, as it is quick to do and lets the sculpting shows to best effect.
      The photos were taken outside in light overcast conditions which seem to be best and mimics that of light-boxes with diffused bright light..
      I am still a point and shoot photographer and so was surprised how well these shots actually were!
      Lesson learned.
      Thanks for the kind comment.

  4. Very nicely painted Doug! I like the basing too. If you don't mind me asking, what color or techniques do you use for bronze?

    1. As wargaming is not a competition, no I don't mind you asking. -grin-
      The bronze is an old Ceramcoat 'Gleam' "Bronze" which is old and might be OOP (?) My bottle is low and I am reluctant to use it as it indeed looks right! You understand this wargamer attitude no doubt. -smile-
      I have still not got the wash technique as you have, and simply splashed the wash all over. Somehow turns out better than I would hope for considering the speed and lack of accuracy in which I have done these. Perhaps I will need to change my painting technique?

  5. "Simply splashed the wash all over" IS the technique! And your painting always looks better, is more accurate and faster than mine.