Saturday, 21 May 2016

Napoleon's "Catch-22" at Borodino

In the novel "Catch-22" the author gives his character a dilemma: For someone who wants to get out the army he has to be considered crazy.  But anyone who wants out of the army isn't really crazy is he?
This catches us in our lives also.  If you need money you might ask a bank for a loan.  But for the bank to give you the money, they always ask if you have collateral ( in other words - if you have any money!)
Napoleon offered himself the same dilemma: To throw in the Imperial Guard, his last reserves, he first wanted to be assured of victory.  But to gain that victory the Guard needed to be used.

Historically, Napoleon did not commit the Guard as he wanted to have these precious troops retained being so far from France - to no end as it turned out.  But was victory at Borodino obtainable with their use? Perhaps, if Napoleon allows in our replay, we might find out.
The battle in one week.
The French Imperial Guard at the Battle of Borodino represented

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