Sunday, 3 July 2016

War of 1812 unit - the British 13th Foot

The 13th Foot along with the 64th Foot were transferred from Bermuda to Canada in 1813 to help in the war effort against the Americans during the War of 1812.  They arrived still wearing their tropical white shakos.  While the 64th were to garrison Halifax and continue to wear the white headgear, the 13th which were to see some action, and thus my interest in the unit, were shortly to replace them with the standard black issue.  See this link for an article on the subject (link)

However history aside, a British unit in the war with a most different headdress is far too cool to pass up and so I have gone about creating a small unit of the 13th Foot from my rather large stock pile of Old Glory British line figures.  These were painted some -long- time ago....


  1. Fantastic! I love the look of those tropical shakoes, it really sets these guys apart!

    1. After a sea of scarlet tunics and grey pants, certainly a bit of white is not amiss.