Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Still got it

The annual date has arrived which leads me to the usual introspection.  Among the routines, I have a look at all my collections and see the years of painting.  The many, many hours of ....

Anyway, I used to paint eyes on certain figures whose sculpting is deserving of such detail.   These days, even with the very nice ones, washes or ignoring of such small items, is the normal with me.
However,  I rummaged into the boxes to look at my old French AWI collection of Front Rank miniatures and sought to give it a reorganization and complete it, having sat forlornly half-completed.  Most were painted many years ago and some only slightly more recently.  While close in style, I saw the difference and wanted some 'continuity' for this collection.  With this in mind, I needed to paint eyes once again to added to some of these units.

I must admit that I got the thrill of acknowledging that I have not quite lost the painting ability...and steady hand...needed.  Yeah, OK, not quite the standards of the best. Not even close.  But I am OK with the effort. Actually I am stoked that after a period of 23 years(!) I could still get that detail. A good birthday gift to myself.

The new ones are on the different bases (you can still see the white glue!).  I have yet to decide on a terrain scheme.  Probably the usual.....

French Martinique Colonial Regiment of c 1780
French 'Dillon' Regiment of the AWI period.


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    1. Thanks Ray!
      Always a rush to realize one's youth has not quite vanished.....

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    1. Very nice of you to comment

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    1. Thanks for the nice comment once again, Rodger

  4. Not only do you still have it, you never lost it! Your painting is the envy of most of us. Happy Birthday and many, many more. And many more years of artistry too.

    1. Much too kind of you, Bill. Thanks for the greeting!