Tuesday, 15 November 2016

"Shogun Era" Japanese Peasants

12 figures.... only 1 point... for my Lion Rampant Japanese Clan.
While I don't really know if doing these 12 figures is worth doing for only the 1 point value for my Lion Rampant games, it was interesting to do nonetheless.  I used one pack each of the Perry peasants advancing and Ikko Ikki (the poses with some armour) .

Most of the spears and weapons supplied I wasn't thrilled about so I replaced some with a sturdy length of steel rod, angled the end to a point and painted as green bamboo. Yes, fresh bamboo would not be a good choice but I take it as an expediency for the poor people of the village and more interesting to paint than plain wood.

I used the smaller 1 and 2 figure basing for this unit feeling it will give a 'closer' feel of the unit portraying the fear which they might have, facing more trained troops --- and make casualty removal that much easier!
  The bases are, again, random shaped to prevent the 'ranked' deployment unlikely for these people.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, the cost of two packs of Perry - pretty that they are - is fairly pricey for only 1 point of army, but, hey, who said miniatures wargaming is logical !! 8-))
      thanks for the kind word,

  2. Doug,

    Are you saying the peasants are revolting?

    The do look nice though.

  3. As I am as following the original rules, the rule's author has given the 'serfs' the special factor of "Smelly"
    To quote: "No special rules for this....they just are."
    So if the smell is revolting, I guess they are!
    cheers Bill.

  4. A wonderful group of peasants! Nice and dynamic poses, great paintjob and beautiful bases...

    1. The Perry boys can be thanked for the first two compliments. I thank you for the latter, kind comments

  5. I'm digging your samurai stuff, Doug! It's a great period and your painting is terrific!

    1. The era is very much "exotic medieval" and so any scenario of European medievals can be used -- including any of the machinations of the nobility - as it has Men-at-Arms = Samurai, yeomen = ashigaru, and even the simple 'smelly' peasants !
      Thanks for the nice comment