Tuesday, 27 June 2017

WW1 Balloons

The game "Canvas Eagles" is very popular at the local wargames club - The Trumpeter Tabletop Gaming Society - in Burnaby/Vancouver BC Canada, using 1:72 scale plastic model WW1 planes.

For one of the organizers of the gaming, DaveMc., I have made some 'ground' terrain for him in the past - to make the game a little more attractive you see - and while I think the games fun but always lacking a bit of variety.

So when I saw the the remnants of the nephew's birthday candy pinnate left on the ground, I offered to help clean up, pocketing a couple of the plastic egg shaped containers that once had held candy but now were garbage..... but to a wargamer such as I and what I saw as a clever modelling scheme.....

Balloon busting fun!   The balloons are on temporary stands for the photo shoot but you can see my 3D terrain for my plane's base. 

I cutout prices of card to match the curve of the egg as the fins, glued pieces of thin cord around the model to hide the seam and to give the model some "texture".  The fins were then given cords of 'green stuff' modelling epoxy; after which, the whole was painted a metallic color.
awaiting the paint....

The two plastic eggs were attached to telescoping antennas from an old defective Ikea lamp to give the ability for the balloons to be a different altitudes.
Green painters tape, easily removed, covered the metal antennas from misplaced primer and paint.

These will certainly not win any modelling awards of course but it would be fun
to see DaveMc get them into the action someday.

here is a picture of them in action

As a aside the illustrator/writer of Canvas Eagles, Eric Hotz, (of HotzMats) is a member and often participates.  Don't know if balloon attacks are in the rules but many of the players have used the rules for years and I am sure they will come up with some method.


  1. Very cool work on the eggs, Doug. I sort of like the colorful way they looked prior to the paint job too :)

    1. Yes very colourful weren't they! You can see the green epoxy putty roll I used on each fin to give it that "balloony" look.
      As always thanks for the kind comment.

  2. They are cute! Please let us know when they take to the air in a game.

    1. Cute? Well yes, and such a tempting target I hope!
      I will inform you once I know of their aerial endeavours.
      cheers, Bill.