Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A 'Tripe'-ful Sad

DaveMc likes his WW1 air game so again hosted for the Monday Night group.
 "Do we want a scenario?" he asks.  "What is the point?", I suggest, "Everyone always ignores it and just chases each other."  Nods of heads all around.
"Shoot'em-up it is", he agrees.

The early selectors had German planes for this 'Late War' game, so I used my British Sopwith Triplane, the "Tripe", and after looking at the stats and flight characteristics, is a very unimpressive plane. Only one machine gun, few maneuvers and slow. Certainly not late war material. Perhaps I should have used my Pup!  But heck, I did recently build it so I might as well fly it.
My new Sopwith Triplane  fuzzy in the foreground, while Snoopy flying a Sopwith Camel, is looking for targets. (Snoopy was a McDonald's toy provided to me a long time ago by ChrisO and he wanted to fly him once again. I built a doghouse painted appropriately around it)

My game highlights: I had a shot against ace PierreS. Whoo-ho. But with one gun and a roll of a not too much to report....

And I did get shot down. Again.  While, yes, the coup-de-gras was a few bullets during that fateful turn, most of my damage came from a collision from a British (!) plane flown by FrancisM, who after entering my airspace (read: hex) with a fancy maneuver (I was flying straight mind you) decided to roll a double 1s for the chance of the collision.  Well, as my fellow gamers know, as well as my regular readers,  I ALWAYS roll 1s.  And double 1s, while supposedly statistically rare, are quite common for me.  So, of course, I rolled them and wails of laughter burst forth.  I then rolled a nice and low 1 for HIS damage.  He did not kindly do the same for me.  After checking off my damage, the German plane then had his go at me.  My tail was shot off.  Sigh.
New plane, same result.

a couple of pictures from the game


  1. Nice looking game. Since there were no parachutes you will need a new pilot as well as a new plane. Maybe you should follow Snoopy's lead and pick a Camel or SE5a for your next late war outing and save the Pups and Tripes for earlier adventures.

    1. Oh a new pilot. With the number of sustained kills I receive - that is a given.
      I picked up inexpensive models at the last Enfilade and just built them without thought to performance. But yes I should follow your advice but as I am so poor a pilot that even flying those fancy-pansy machines I have been KIA!

    2. The newer machines are faster and make evading (as in running for your life!) a little easier. I have a gob of unmade Revell and Airfix kits that I would be more than willing to donate to the cause, if only to reduce the incidence of slaughter!

    3. Evading is indeed my main problem ;)
      Very kind of you! Will you be at Enfilade for a trade? Would beer be a suitable commodity for exchange? ;)
      Please send a letter with your contact info.
      take care, Bill.