Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Onion Dome Drawer Knob.....

I wanted to have a Russian church to match the meagre village houses I previously made and finally found an design example which could fit upon the small bases I require.  So unlike the previous MDF buildings I started with a foamcore frame.  Took an evening (Ok to be honest, a very long evening and into the early morning) to finish the structure and wood walls.

The onion dome is the quintessential look of the Russian Orthodox church.  Mine is a wooden drawer knob taken from a cabinet. (Geez, I hope the wife doesn’t notice!). The dome shape was built up with a bit of harden clay holding a makeshift balsa wood cross.

Overheard during a wargame:
"A quick game is a good game. Done, over, get over to the pub for beer and talk about it for three hours."


  1. Fantastic looking church, Doug! I was tempted by the MDF one from Sarissa, but I think yours looks even better. Especially the dome :)

    1. Quiet about the dome, as I don't want the wife to notice the missing knob...
      (but it suits the model so well)