Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Sharp Practice trial test

In a tiny village somewhere in Russia during the year 1812.....
My dismounted French 5th Dragoons - plastic Perry plastics with some minor conversions.  
One well-known rules which I have never played is the Two Fat Lardies “Sharp Practice”.  A couple of weeks ago, WillB offered to introduce in a game between his Russian Jagers and my newly painted never-yet-on-the-table dismounted French Dragoons.

Interesting mechanics but not much of way of tactics as we plowed through the elementary rules for only a few turns.  Definitely a small unit game.  The card/chit pulls and frequency are very important.  Not really enough time to make an assessment so more play is needed but they could be useful for other periods.

The 'grave marker' is showing one level of "shock".  WillB's Russian jagers inhabit my new church model in the distance.
The 'Big Man' (lower right) directing the elite section of the dragoons forward. 
Nice to see my newbies on the table, nevertheless, along with the recently constructed Russian church.


  1. Nice looking encounter! I would like to know more about the rules if you get a chance to try them again.

    1. We spent most of the available time chatting than playing so not much of an impression of the rules. It is well supported by the "Two Fat Lardies" website which suggests it is for many eras and is well thought of by many players. Don't know if I need yet another rule set to remember ( I of the many different eras and diverse collections ) but willing to give it another go at some point and will give a report.
      One aspect, that chits or cards are randomly drawn for 'activation', would be conducive to solo play should one want to play each side in turn.
      Cheers, Bill.