Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Dressing Quintuplets...

Is it usual for parents of twins, and heaven forbid quintuplets, to dress their children exactly the same or is it more difficult but better to make each an individual?  I was faced with that problem when I decided the current set of building I have for the 28mm Napoleonics collection, needed to be a bit different for the upcoming battle of Eylau we are presenting at the "Enfilade" convention in Olympia, WA this weekend.
Eylau was in Prussia and I wanted a bit less the central Europe look than my current collection of buildings, so digging around in my paper buildings scraps, I found an intact building (well, OK the same side of one single building....) which I thought had a more, Prussian-ish feel.  [ don't tell anyone that it is from the Hougomont the Belgium complex of Waterloo fame ]  Lots of dark brick anyway.

I need four buildings to represent each of the important towns around the battlefield and made a fifth just in case.  it would have been easy just to make all the same with plain fields around each, but it might look a bit 'regular' on the tabletop, so I tried to make each a bit different to lessen the sameness.
Proof will be in the pudding as the old expression goes, and so we shall see the images of the upcoming game to see if they stand out or indeed have we made individuals of all the quintuplets.....


  1. Nice work Doug, the outworks definitely give a distinct flavour to each building.

    1. I took note of the minis mfg who do those 4 poses x 2 8packs and twist around some of the poses in the photo so they actually look different (until you see them in the raw)
      I did the same here by reorienting some. Yes, cheating. But the addition of fencing and trees on some do give change to them.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. They are OK-ish for paper models. I use them for their inexpensiveness and more importantly for the light weight for transport. This collection is my 'take to the convention' and I try to put all into two hockey bags ( yes, I am a Canadian...)
      So today I am packing all the (mostly plastic) 28mm troops, all the terrain and buildings for the major Napoleonic battle ( Eylau this time ) and will be able to carry all in two large bags into the hall.
      Thanks once again for the kind comment, Ray.

  3. Yes Doug, the different buildings will be useful, as you take photos from many different angles you can sometimes get lost in close-ups as to where you are on the battlefield. With a mostly open field like Eylau that means that the towns are going to be the visual anchors to where the action in the photographs is taking place.

  4. Looking good, Doug. Many buildings in the same community or area will look similar, as they are built by the same workers using the same materials and methods. You've done well to have a consistent theme but with each one unique. I see that these farms all have doors and windows :)

    1. Doors and windows only because the print had them. Note both side and ends are identical as it is the same image!
      But windows and doors do get in the way of quick and easy construction you see......