Monday, 8 October 2018

GaPa again!

Another Saxon/Russian GNW defeat!

Excited by each of us increasing our GNW forces, KevinA’s Swedes, WillB’s Russians, and my Electorate Saxons, another battle at the club was scheduled.

In many ways it had a similar theme as our previous battle, having the Swedish elite cavalry exploit the woods on the left of the Russian/Saxon line to outflank and roll up the allies line.

A bird's view from the Swedish left.  The Swedes are deployed to the right with the elite horse in three unit column in the far distance.  The Russian/Saxon alliance is holding the fortifications to the left with the Saxon horse moving around the woods to counter the Swedish advance on their flank. (photo by Kevin)  
The Russians on the right flank advanced without opposition hoping to attract attention from the Swedish in the centre but failed to do so, while the Russians of the centre were unwilling to abandon the defensive positions to attack to the left.   The battle concluded as the Saxons holding the left collapsed, but as the new Swedish Guards failed to advance further under artillery fire in their first time under fire in the field of battle after being proudly painted by Kevin, he was not able to attack the vacant middle of the Allies line allowing the Russian forces to escape intact.

My Saxons in position....
....however they are forced to reposition to the left.  Not done in my usual technique, these are painted in a style to compliment the others collections.
Saxon grenadiers.  These are from the old Wargames Factory sprues. These have a third of the figures having half torsos and lots of arm, weapon and head bits so allowing such fun options. The Warlord version does not give these options and is much the poorer for it (as well as your wallet!)
The 'left' woods, the scene of most of the action
KevinA's Swedes including his CharlesXII command stand which includes a poor Russian soldier getting his buttocks attacked by the dogs! 
And WillB's stoic Russians in the fore, Kevin's Russians holding the entrenchments.  Our collections are primarily Warlord/Wargames factory plastics along with some Old Glory and Warfare miniatures. 


  1. Nice looking game,its an interesting period and conflict.
    Best Iain

    1. it is one period which I have had little knowledge in until recently. As you suggest, an interesting conflict with a small but highly motivated Swedish army verses either/or/combined Russo-Saxony force much larger but much less trained/motivated. 1:3 strength difference not uncommon.

  2. Fun looking game, Doug. I am not familiar with the period (battles/tactics, etc.), but I do like the look. Sort of the birth of modern armies (uniforms and such). An added plus is the figures are available in plastic! :)

    1. Neither was I familiar until recently. And yes, plastics were a big motivator to the collecting. However Warfare Miniatures in metal match very well.