Thursday, 1 November 2018

Torso Lust

You have some lovely left-over torsos.... and some cavalry trooper legs extra from constructing plastic horsemen ....and you are thinking they would make a wonderful second unit, but you have no further horses…..

Perry Miniatures cleverly offer separate horse sprues and so I ordered some of the British Light Dragoons horse sprues that I might create the 5th (Belgian) Light Dragoons for the Waterloo campaign.  The Perry horses sport plain blankets without the usual shabraque (the long pointed saddle cloth of British full dress) so can be used for other units dressed without that piece of kit.

However, once they arrived, I noted/remembered that the models do sport the historical British trait of ‘docking’ or trimming the tails of their horses.  But the Belgians did not.  So out came the “green stuff” epoxy putty to fill out the tails.  I also needed to cover the ‘indent’ in the front of the right-side region of the saddle where the British would store the carbine but that I did not use, as the Belgians would instead attach the carbine to their shoulder strap in French fashion.
Rather fuzzy photo but the elongated tails and saddle "repair" work can be noted

These are on the a-list of units to paint…..


  1. Nice conversion work! The Perry plastic kit's are just splendid aren't they?
    Best Iain

    1. Yes, they certainly are. Consistency of size is very good which makes this type of conversion work all that more feasible. (example: any Perry arm will fit any torso regardless of type or even era!)
      Thanks for the comment

    2. Not to mention horse halves. Great conversions as again, Doug!

  2. I had the same idea about the Perry plastic cavalry Doug, as in point of fact, you actually get 28 cavalry figures in each box, but only 14 horses...the only slight drawback is that at GBP3.50 per three horses, you pay almost the same for 14 extra horses as you would just to buy another complete box - which is a shame!