Tuesday, 3 August 2021

CoC game in the sun

 This may be the first wargame I played outside in the sun,  but as we are a small group, double vaccinated and outside, felt safe enough to have a game of Chain of Command, hosted by WillB on his new terrain.  He extended it with an extensive town and fields which indeed became the focus of most of the fighting.

The Sicilian town with all of WillB's myriad of scatter terrain and civilians. The church which would play an important role in the defence from the German flank attack- from the right of the scene 

The German Panzergrenadiers (in tropical uniforms) are pinned by the mortar barrage as shown by the white cotton puffs.

 WillB has a nice report at his blog at : link

 As a new-off-the-boat lieutenant fresh from the Borden Training Camp, I had good help from my more experienced Sergeant, Craig, in navigating the decisions one must make with these rules.   The mortar barrage continued for a goodly amount of time and if it had continued, most of the German Panzergrenadiers would have eventually succumb to its effects but I would roll three 6's ending it.    ( I rolling three sixes?! and all at once?! And that = bad?! uggh...).    Of course the survivors of the mortars happened to be the machine gun crews.  The firepower now unleashed would shread - literally - any hope of defeating the town as on the other flank of the German two-pronged attack had forced my defenders from the stronghold of the church.  

The Canadians' simple tactics had no response to the firepower of the German's MG42s.  


  1. Great pictures! The table looks fantastic.

  2. Thanks again to Will for hosting this game.

    With two LMGs per section, panzergrenadiers certainly can be daunting opponents. Reflecting on the game (as good platoon NCO's do) a few interesting lessons stood out.

    (1) Although buildings provide good cover, they also severely restrict the ability to return fire. Abundant nearby stone walls would have provided the same cover and afforded better firing positions. That doesn't solve the problem of limited Canadian firepower though.

    (2) The scenario had the Canadians defending one or the other quarter. Perhaps we should have defended the other quarter? At least the Germans would not have had immediate hard cover walls to deploy behind. They still would have had cover but their firepower might have been limited.

    Overall, I thought that the Canadian commander did a pretty good job against experienced opponents. The game turned into a nice slugging match. Looking forward to more action in this theatre and others. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to face off at some point as well.


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