Wednesday, 24 August 2022

A small affair in Saskatchewan

 Wanting to entertain the boys having traveled many hours, I took the time late night to set up another small game for the morning after breakfast before we set off for the local hobby store (opening late at noon) 

(for other games played during "Dougfest" see previous posts)

I picked a recent personal favourite in the Canadian Northwest Rebellion of 1885.  The scenario was simple. Each player had two units of infantry to approach and protect a wagon abandoned previously from opposite directions.  The enemy Metis had predetermined ambush points.  We played with the "Men Who Would Be Kings" rules.  

Fun little affair.  I played the Metis who were given ammuntion restrictions, the single threat to James's contingent fired their one shot and then departed! He was slightly delayed with one unit who had to deal with them....

the other Metis group had more shots and forced one of Seth's green/black-clad Rifle units to continually fail their morale and fall back.  But the wagon was saved and the newspapers back home rejoiced in the "great victory"

The Canadian Militia of 1885 and part of JamesC's command. In the background the second group is approaching the hill from which they took fire (the smoke cotton ball in the far distance indicates Metis fire)

SethT's Canadian Rifles in action. The 'log' marker indicates they are currently "Pinned". His other unit is assaulting the Metis position indicated by the 'smoke balls'.  
The figures are Perry plastic American Civil War Union types with new glengarry headdresses added by me with Green Stuff.


  1. Hi Doug. Wrong post to comment on, i know, but are there any ways for a humble blog reader such as myself to get a copy of your GdC Napoleonic rules? They look right up my alley!

  2. Another nice little action and I really do like the look of your Crown forces in this era!