Friday, 30 December 2011

"Battle of Raymond" part 3

This is the continuing narration of my fictional War of 1812 battle I am playing albeit sporadically.
As we left the scene last, the remainder of the Kentucky militia full of piss and vinegar (read: bourbon whiskey!) before the British artillery delivered deadly canister fire, fell back and upon further reflection decided they had enough fighting for one day and promptly routed (militia with too many Disorder markers and no courageous leader to over come any, even moderate, dice rolls)
The American center with the routing Kentuckians, the American General (left) and the 21st Infantry moving up (bottom right)

The 44th Infantry decimated, also routed leaving its wounded colonel to be captured by the British. It may have been a "well, he wanted to be the THAT position so he can darn well stay there! I am not staying to help and get shot" attitude by his troops. Their rout also had the US Rifles who were supporting them also run and so no troops remained on the British side of the stream.

Meanwhile on the American right flank, the fast moving NY Regiment of Militia marched in good formation in column right up to the British skirmishers holding the ford and started taking fire. The politician colonel who believed a heroic military career will launch his political aspirations perhaps even to the Presidency (hell, it usual works in American politics, don't it?!) almost took a bullet (one pip from being wounded!) and froze. [note: more precisely me, as I could not decide the units course of action and so transferred this indecisiveness to this poor colonel]  The command roll was good however and the regiment merely halted in good order.  Nevertheless the Brigadier General raging at the colonel's impetuous march that would have the militia before the regulars and not supporting them.  (the rules have all militia move their entire distance - how did I know I would roll double sixes in successive turns!)   He sent his aide to bring them back but apparently the aide's horse must have stumbled in rabbit holes as he moved only 4 inches with 3d6! [I seem to rolling hot then cold a lot in this game]
The New York Regiment of Militia. [*see uniform info below]    To the left of the NY boys is my 16th Regiment in their early war black faced red uniform with gray trousers.  Sated my desire to paint Prussian Napoleonic troops you understand!

In the center, the Army General tried to bring order to the routing Kentucky militia and in spite of his lack of command dice help, meanwhile the well-trained American artillery batteries were unlimbered near the bridge in a small 'grand battery' ready to bring fire upon the British defensive line; and the 21st and 23rd Infantry finally started arriving.

The day was not lost, and in fact only beginning, an aide reminded him.
American artillery ready to fire {Old Glory early war artillery men with Front Rank (?) French gun models. Oversized by a bit, but I love the bulk of them.  Limbers are old Connoisseur British ones I believe.}

[*Apparently the early regulation uniform of the State Infantry was similar to the First Issue of the Federal regulars but differed in having a brass rather than white metal shako plate and red over white plumes.  The coatee had red turnbacks and the backpack was painted black not light blue. I painted the pantaloons grey. The flag is a NY militia flag captured in the historical battle of Queenston Heights in 1812.]

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