Wednesday, 7 December 2011

the Monday WW2 game

Chris Oakley was kind enough to forward a compilation picture of the WW2 game held on Monday night in honor of Dave's birthday [not that he will ever grow up but that is another matter! ;-) ]  It was a quick think scenario of 'flag' in which both the Russians and Germans {early war} were trying for each others supply depots.  Both tried a left flank charge and a right flank hold with a result of a big tank fight in the middle. Both armored forces were destroyed as were the assaults.  A draw.  Some of the 15mm figures were painted by me years ago and are in the collection of Francis Monroe of the FLGS Imperial Hobbies, who hosted the game.  
Note: the Russian "land yacht" is some early war monstrosity. Yup, the Germans took it out too!

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  1. Nice picture!! I don't think us wargamers ever do grow up, at least I hope not!!!