Sunday, 26 August 2012

Hessian gun color of the SYW - part 2

Here is the repainted Hessian artillery piece which I finally decided to repaint.  The decision was wholly based upon the previous paint job which I did not think entirely satisfactory (not that the repaint is much better!)

However the lack of my enthusiasm for the, to my eyes, the outrageous colour scheme finally settles my internal debate whether I will want to continue to collect that Landknecht army with their clashing colours and such.   I guess the answer would be no.

The piece and the crew are by Front Rank.  Their gun models are very substantial and especially this howitzer!  I drybrushed a bit of gunmetal on the wheels to indicate wear.  But overall the painting is poor as I could not manipulate the model too much as to do so would pour even more loose flocking into the paint!  I actually think this is the third repaint the poor model has sustained.


  1. Such an odd paint scheme. You gave it a fair try sir.

  2. Kevin, thanks for the kind comment. Too kind perhaps :-)

    While the usual colour scheme we have in our minds is that of a solid green or gunmetal shade, cannon have been historically painted in many bewildering patterns. The WWI multi-colored camo comes to mind. So I suppose white and red being the ducal colour is OK but indeed it is odd.

  3. Wow, that's a stunning piece, Doug. Didn't know cannon could be so colorful. Best, Dean