Saturday, 11 August 2012

SYW game (March 2012)

While viewing an old memory card, I rediscovered photos of the Seven Years War 28mm battle I hosted back in March at the local convention.  I used my  Hanoverians, Brunswickers, and Hessian-Kessel forces I have painted for this  fictional battle between these historical allies as I have yet to paint their French opponents!

To be honest the game was dropped from my mind as it was a quite the dud.  My scenario was a poor one it turned out, and the scenario then lent to a type of play which did not suit the simple type that my home-brew rules could account for as they had done in the past.  I perhaps made the error in informing one of the players that the rules were based on a DBA-ish attitude, and so he, experienced with DBA, then proceeded to play the units as in that rule set and doing pirouets and 'manoeuvres' , while OK for DBA, were not really in my rules concept or accounted for.  Thus the game was halted many times for "considered conversation", gentlemanly as it were, about 'correct tactics' and changes required et al.  Not a really good experience I will admit for everyone and for which I apologize.  I still love my collection but the game had me quickly going on with other projects.  My poor French, equal in size or more to the Germans on the table will have to wait some more (already 15+ years of being primered!) to await the painting table......

Front Rank horse - Hessians

I place infantry units with most of the figures in one rank for that SYW look but place a couple of figures in the rear to "thicken up" the line which looks good on the table but does still allow the linear effect I believe.  These are Front Rank Prussian figures I painted as Hessians.  This collection originally was quite the hodge-podge and so with the re-organization many units do not have flags or sometime even officers but I never worry about such things if they are not available. 

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  1. Doug:

    I know this is an older post, but I've recently gotten into the period (in a very small way) - FIW with Muskets and Tomahawks. Granted not on this grand scale, but finally there in any case. Best, Dean