Sunday, 17 February 2013

Terrain is just as important....

While it is getting a little better these days, what with the internet to show beautiful miniatures, and of course the glossy wargame magazines to illustrate the best examples of the sculpting and painting art; but perhaps we put in too much time into the look of the miniatures and not in the setting in which we display them on the tabletop. Consider a beautifully chair sitting in an unfinished garage. 

But many times we see, and have done ourselves no doubt, putting nicely painted, well done, realistically based figures on a plain green cloth with a few haphazard trees on felt with a brown cardboard road.  Blech.

I am trying to look less at the lead-bin bargains and trying more at the terraining aspects these days and spending the money and time to build up the tabletop terrain.

I have recently bought ready made plastic trees (I will go with the less expensive make-your-own variety in the future but wanted to know if this is the direction of the 'forest' type I wanted).
I cut out random shapes out of hardboard glued the trees upon and did my usual terrain/basing technique.  Not much undergrowth so to allow troops to move through if required and the subtle outline will allow the large stand to work as only 'decoration'.  Better than just plain felt.  Storage is more difficult but sacrifices are sometimes required!

Now back to painting minis..... ;-)


  1. Nice set of woods, Doug. I am one of those who tends to neglect good terrain. Best, Dean