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Battle of "Kurhunne"

The "Battle of Kurhunne" was the last stand by the Prussian general Mohr to save his army and defend it's evacuation by the British Royal Navy to the North Sea. 
Only months earlier, Mohr, in an effort to support the resistance of the German people against the French made a bold move into French held territory but Napoleon brought even some of the Guard to bear down on him ultimately forcing him to retreat.  Although Napoleon was forced to deal with events elsewhere, the French under Soult, forced him to the sea.

This was the scenario background and based on an actual Napoleonic battle albeit not in Germany and did not involve the Prussians . If you have not already guessed, based on my use of homophones, more clues to come!

David came over and I created this rather smaller battle than the much larger one we did last time! See:link

The deployments looking north with the French in the foreground. --the ruler is used for future reference should I want to play this one again--

French advance toward the village of Elvina. Clue!

The clash on the ridge as the French assault the Prussian brigades

...but are forced to retire behind their reserves. Note that each combat creates fatigue as well as possible combat loss and the nearest Landwehr brigade effectiveness is down to 2 from 3 as they were in the previous photo.

The '2nd Foreign Regiment' of 1815 aka 'the Swiss' reaches the ridge. Yes, earlier Swiss did participate in the historical battle. Clue!

Oh my, the 1st Silesian Landwehr about to be routed. French cannons to the fore, flanked by a powerful French light infantry brigade and having shaky confidence - the black die showing .............but a 1.

As you might have gathered, the Prussian under my rather dubious command, held to the ridge too long hoping for a repeat of the real battle and force the French into a stalemate. Clue But in the game were ultimately crushed.

Oh, the historical battle? Corunna in Spain early 1809 with the British (nee Prussians) vs, well, the French. Also known as the Battle of Elvina.

Each element representing ~1500 infantry or 800 cavalry 

You can read David's report here: link

Battle No.2
 The same with roles reversed. Even with much discussion about the rules and working out measuring systems, we concluded the game in very good time and so could have another go at it.
 You can read David's report here: link

Now playing the French, we can see my deployment with guns up front to gain direct fire advantage ...not trusting my dice luck and needing all the help I can get ! The green stick next to the village module is a movement stick. We don't employ rulers but use painted doweling for the different distances. They, and the dice are green and any markers are designed to blend into the game as not to distract the eye too much.

Close up of the Swiss in red. Perry 1815 design flag from their plastics box.

Prussian regulars advance to meet the French attack.

The French cavalry sent into rough ground. In the actual battle they could very little, here they were outside effective command control.

David, playing the role of Mohr/Moore and the Prussians/British was much more skillful than I to disengaged his forces and escape to Kurunne/Corunna.
A small battle of only 12 elements to 9, it proved to be an interesting affair with two battles played to conclusion in an afternoon – with much rule discussion and amendments. Hopefully now much more streamlined, it proves the adage that sometimes you have to destroy to build up stronger and larger battles await.

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