Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bombing Ploesti

Finally got to another club's GameNight and participated in Andrew's bomber raid game based on the famous Allied raid on the Ploesti Oil Fields in Romania.  Famous in part due to the 'pink' planes painted in a pale desert scheme.  Andrew did a great job in painting the planes and creating the oil refineries and holding tanks. While the modeling was simple; for example, using small paint tubs turned upside down and painted gray, it did not take away from the excellent effect.

All the players controlled flights of three bombers while Andrew did the calculations for the flak.  He had a couple of ME109s painted and threatened us with them but did not use them in the game so it was running the flak and line up on your targets for the players.

The flak proved to be not that effective as only one plane was knocked down -- mine of course !!    [  proving again that I cannot get through any air game without being shot down !  ]

Points were added up and Glenn quietly bombed the **** out of the oil fields gaining the most, to the surprise of us noisier players  <grin>

The game was a playtest for Andrew who will put it on for the local 'Trumpeter Salute' convention in a month's time, and a lengthy post game chat had suggestions to simplify the rules and add German fighters for more "excitement" for the bomber crews.


  1. Wow - nice terrain and lots of aircraft.

    1. While not the 177 planes that participated in the raid, Andrew had done up enough planes to play the part! [he even removed a flight as having fewer players] After doing some quick reading about the raid, much of the details, Andrew included -- there was even a flak train and which could be shot at in the game if the player was flying at Level 0 -- and why? The actual bombers were only 50 feet off the ground!!
      I agree about the terrain. With limited budget, he did a great job with the look.

  2. 'Different'! A good looking game. It would be interesting to see how it went with thicker flak, say, or the advent of some interceptor aircraft. An added complication would be fighter escorts, too!

    It would be interesting to see to what extent players would tend to concentrate on the 'near edge' of the target area in the face of heavy flak. I don't suppose you would get the backwards 'creep' that tended to occur historically, but players might yet be reluctant to push their luck far into the target area.

    This sort of game would make an interesting adjunct to a strategic type of campaign game.

    1. Very good comments. The game was a bit of a "cakewalk" for the players. I was the only casualty - and I always get shot down so nothing new there! - so the post game discussion had, as you suggest, more ideas for fighters, flak and the like. Andrew is now working on this new scenario.
      We did have some "navigational error" movement from poor dice rolls but they were corrected by the time of the bombing run. With added chance cards perhaps like: "2 engines fail drop two levels immediately" should cause some problems!

      Thanks for the comments and I will forward to Andrew