Friday, 21 March 2014

Hougomont and Nassau defenders

The chateau of Hougomont is one of the famous landmarks of the Battle of Waterloo with its distinctive red brick construction and profile.   I have gone the paper-building route and so bought the Pireme Publication building.  While in 15mm scale it is still a large complex and had too large a footprint on the tabletop for my purposes so I have heavily modified the structure but still hoping to keep the essence of its look.

A battalion of Nassau troops were deployed to occupy the woods facing the French lines.  These and some other small contingents of British Guard light companies and Hanoverian skirmishers still amounted to no more than 1,100 but I wanted for game purposes to make Hougomont a tough nut for the French to crack  -- historically it was never taken -- so I will be using a full element of these troops along with the occupying element of British Guards.

The Nassau boys - the similar other element I painted, will be deployed on the right wing with Prince Bernard - are built out of the Perry plastic French skirmishers appropriately scraping off all the Bardin lapel details. The Grenadier fur caps are French hussar caps.  I will say in sotto voce that the red bag hanging from each should be on the left side but, "button counters", let's over look that ....


  1. Using paper buildings is new to me, but their construction of cutting and folding is easy--- the gluing is the tough part! :-)
    However they are already coloured and look the part once the exposed edges are painted over and they are placed with terrain.
    The miniatures are, well, their own thing....
    As ever, thanks for the kind comments, Ray.

  2. Doug: As with your tutorial on black undercoating Napoleonics, I'm also a convert to terrain being more representational than actually scaled. That said I'm curious to see how you occupy the building with troops. Best, Dean

    1. Dean, it is kinda a rule of thumb for wargaming that you go down 'one size' in scale. So for 25/28mm you use 15mm scaled buildings, for 15mm one would use 10mm or 6mm buildings. It is the "footprint" or the area the said building uses on the tabletop which is important to the game. Too large and the battlefield size is compromised.
      Using the correct scaled buildings are fine for 1:1 skirmish games but for any of the other more 'high ratio' wargames, smaller is better.

      While I say the buildings are "occupied" the element of figures will be placed behind the model. The Nassauers in this case will occupy the woods in front of the 'built up area" of Hougomont and fight in the woods to give the French an extra hurdle to over come to oust the Allies from the chateau. (which historically they never did)

    2. Got it, thanks. I just have that image in mind of KGL lining the walls. Not to mention the scene where the French axe their way in. :) But indeed, the terrain footprint vs. available table top space makes sense. Hope to see you at Enfilade! in May. Dean

    3. Dean, actually it was the British Foot Guards defending Hougomont :-)
      and I have added a one time modifier to a French attack to account for your "ax attack"