Monday, 16 June 2014

New 52nd and Dutch-Belgian Militia

New contingents for the Allied army of 1815 '100 Days Campaign'
On the eve of the 199th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, I continue to push to get all the painting done.... in a good way.....

While the OCD part of me made a list of the units needed in divisional organization and catagorized by battle...yeah, no comments please...I said, bugger that, and just pulled out units I thought would be fun to do.  The 52nd was one of the units to engage the French Imperial Guard.  They were a "Light" regiment so all wore the shoulder wings. [ I used spare Victrix highland arms on these Perry bodies. An advantage of plastics ]

The 52nd had buff coloured facings which, according to regulations but somewhat disputed by experts, had them wear natural colored leather belts as well.  I like the look.

This unit was part of Adam's Brigade which also had a battalion of the 95th Rifles which I added a couple of figures.

The 52nd Regiment.  "Here Billy, pass me your canteen.  I just know you don't have mere water 'n it"

Adam's Brigade was under the command of the Prince of Orange (thus the P.O. on the command label.}  I have tried not divided up the strange organizational chart of this army under Wellington but kept large groupings for player control. 

Almost finished the Dutch-Belgian portion of the Allied army. 
D-B Militia which made up a large portion of their army
Perry British plastics with converted stovepipe shakos - officier's is Austrian, Forage cap is Prussian, all with French packs


  1. Very nice work on the militia!

    1. Thank you. A bit of blue in the 'sea of redcoats' that is the good portion of the Allied army.