Friday, 20 June 2014

Wide bridge

Now how to have my huge element stands look nice upon the table while crossing a river without them precariously sitting upon a thin resin bridge structure or such?

Inspired by what I saw as an inventive solution, I did a quick cut out from hardboard to match the latex river sections {these are from "Wizardcraft" }

Using a section of wall to represent "the bridge" I covered it with the usual wood putty and flocking.  On the outside edges and under the wall I copied the water color and edging grit to try to give a bit of an "under the stone arch" effect.     This is basically a very wide space [~ 5 inches or 12 cm]  for the elements to pass over the river and hopefully will keep any rule 'discussions' over location and unit direction short.

photo taken from a recent game
Led by an infantry brigade, followed by dragoons, the Prussian army crosses the river

The inspiration.  The crossing created by Francis.

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