Tuesday, 3 February 2015

DaveMcN's big 1941 Russian Front battle scenario

Another Monday night game last week with DaveMcN trying out a scenario he plans to present at the big local convention in March.
His scenario has the well-trained German Wehrmacht verses some Russians.   Apparently lots of militia/poorly trained troops as it turned out. With attacking victory conditions.....
DaveMcN in his style, seems to 'wing it' and so this version was due to be a debacle for the Russians in the game, so will no doubt not be that for the convention (he paints all these 15mm Russians you see....). Thus I will produce any no spoilers here.
early war panzers, small yet still proving to be a match for the Russian equipment of the time.
Kev's panzer grenadiers [2nd battalion I guess without the valued half-tracks] de-trucking and advancing. 

The sort of confused fighting you get as truck mounted infantry issue a joint attack against each other!

For once, the "Dice Ace" Francis, did rather poorly in the dice rolling department and I with the superior Wehrmacht types had the upper hand against his rather poor early war Russian tanks and equipment.  I rolled along - despite rolling four 1's in a roll ...on a d10 mind you! - eventually hunting down his brigade commander who had abandoned his armoured car and ran into some woods!
Yup, that is the Russian brigade commander "in" his vehicle.  I decided it was my mission to kill the bugger. Accomplished.

The usual rule arguments discussions were made, and normal confusion re-evaluation about the scenario debated.
The 15mm action in full swing.  

Quote of the Night:
Russian player:  "I really don't have any gun to take out the panzers"
DaveMcN.: "Yet.... it is still being built in Leningrad"
Welcome to fighting Germans in 1941!


  1. What rule set were you using?

    1. They are using "WW2 Battlefront" which is the Fire and Fury version.
      See: http://www.fireandfury.com/products/desc_bfww2.shtml

      I have deliberately stayed away from WW2. Oh I know all the tanks and weapons and such, and I play it OK, but I just don't need another large collection.

  2. Replies
    1. Looks like a good game and similar to what I play using Blitzkrieg Commander. BKC tends to be a bit stylised for my tastes, but is a well integrated system. I will have a look at WW2 Battlefront, not that I need any more rules.

    2. I firmly believe both Napoleonics and WW2 suffer from "wanting of" rules. Not because any rule set is faulty but that the level of play is not correct for any particular group or indeed individual trying to practice them. I have known basement groups to try out four or more rules over the years as initially they like Brand-X but then try to add too many units to each game, get overly complicated or add "home rules" which are well outside the intent by the author ultimately destroying any cohesion they first had. So dissatisfied, the group moves to Brand-Y which may work well for its level of play or as you suggest stylized effect but not to the group (or let's be honest, one vocal member only) and thus another similar rules might be played and yet again pushed beyond its limits. All the while, the members, not realizing that they play a totally different scale or level of game. Or indeed, like Napoleonic players who want to play Napoleon commanding the army but, at the same time, want to micro manage the battalion and its skirmishers. No rule set can handle all that..or at least not within an evening's game. These guys play all the time but often cannot get a game in as the troop numbers are always too many for the size of scenario and the time frame of the evening allowed.

      So what I am saying is really take a sober look at the exact type of game you want. Is it at the troop level so only a few groups of riflemen with perhaps a mortar and a small infantry assault gun? Or is it 12 squadrons of tanks with three infantry support battalions, a company of AT guns and two artillery batteries?
      Once you have establish exactly what you want to play, then the choice of rules is made easy.
      Like buying a vehicle. If you want speed, buy a Ferrari. If you want pulling power buy a tractor.....
      But like many wargamers I know, rules should be a Ferraritractor. They don't make those for a reason.
      Sorry for the long winded "rant" but please take it as an old time wargamer trying to impart a bit wisdom for your benefit.
      take care,

    3. Wise words (which I've linked to from my blog). And not wasted on another old timer either.

  3. We've all been there...the all singing, all dancing rules set. To paraphrase a well known Hollywood actor 'a wargamer's got to know his limitations'.