Friday, 30 January 2015

In the dark woods - FIW convoy duty

DaveB was kind enough to come over for a game and rather than subject him to another game of Napoleonics and seeing that I just played out Waterloo the day before and have yet to clean up and organize the brigades, I set out a small game of French and Indian War with the scenario to simply the escort of a wagon of barrels into the fort through the woods down the simple road. Easy enough.
The New Jersey Regiment of 1759 in column with it's light companies in flank duty. Front Rank figures painted by me a few ago.  The bases I think make 'the look' with lots of shrubbery, fallen trees and such to indicate the nature of the terrain of this war within the depths of virgin forests of Upper New York State some 260 years ago

 I thought a nice change would be using my 28mm, mostly Front Rank minis, French and Indian Wars collection.  Simple DBA style home-brew rules on a small table obtaining a quick result but with interesting tactical choices.
Hey, two on one. No fair!  The Indian miniatures are Conquest (now Warlord ).  
Natives in the forest
my home-built fort with some provincials within on parade.  
Built specifically to fit into the corner of the table.  The effect without the 'footprint' as it were

We played two games with the same scenario, each of us taking the other side but with our own pick of troop types.  In the first game he took the British and the escort.  In the second, I had that privilege to protect it from the French or their Indian friends.
DaveB making a face at his tactical situation holding up my "five minute background board"  While I am not much of an artist, I probably could do better.....

A native war band caught in the open by the British.

Umm, guys, you might just look to your left..... a native war band bursts forth from the depths of the woods.  I play this game with lots of blinds and random command rolls.  Makes for unpredictable action.

Other than the task to remember the tactical modifiers, the game flows well enough and can be played on a very small table even with 28mm and to good effect I think.

Game Note:   DaveB had his Natives try to capture the wagon but I did put in a small combat factor for baggage defence accounting for wagoneers, women with pistols, accompanying troops etc.  Well these fought off DaveB's Red Boys (the dice really...). With a wonderful accent he gave the excuse that "Shee wasth a big wohman witsh a pan, eh!"


  1. A fine looking game again, Doug. Minis and terrain look superb - as well as the photos. The multi-basing for this skirmish game is encouraging too - as this is something I wanted to try out for F&IW.

    1. As usual I did a bottom up approach to the game and rules as I had all these pre-cut wood bases and thought "hmm, could I use them for this?"
      I ask the players at the end of the game how many soldiers does each stand represent. It always takes them some time to think on this. It is that type of rules. A good thing to my thinking.

      As always thanks for the comments

  2. That's really excellent, great pictures, figures and terrain...splendid!

    1. Thanks, Phil for the kind comments. Luckily my old camera is easy to use. have no idea about apertures and such. no clue. just point and shoot. :-)