Sunday, 31 May 2015

Raid on Bolougne -Lion Rampant game at Enfilade Convention

 Smoked Bolougne was the title of my convention roomie's Lion Rampant game.  Interestingly, having been at the convention and roommates for some 9 or 10 years, due to scheduling and other conditions (including my absolute dislike to stand in-line/queue for sign-up) that I have very seldom played in any of Kevin's games - unless we shared hosting duties of course.  However I managed to get into one of his popular games this year as I really wanted to try out the LR rules.  I have the army - actually a group of three complete retinues - but have played the rules but once!

The scenario was the English raid on the French port during the Hundred Years War c.1350.  English were to burn, and the French to save the town and ships.  Simple.  Three retinues aside.  I volunteered to take the weakest of the French contingents with most of the militia.  My usual ugly die rolling with help might with the effect....
my French militia retinue.  all paint jobs by Kevin S.
Kevin did a nice job on the militia's city emblem on the pavises
My retinue advances grandly advances 
Apparently this game did not follow the playtest as the French gained the upper hand on the southern group of English but the northern group - served by poor French initative rolls could not intercept them before setting alight most of the town and ships with fire arrows.  Not really involved in either fight as I struggled to move up my militia, before I knew it, buildings were ablaze and covered in coloured cotton batten flames!
ships and buildings ablaze
My militia moved around the warehouses trying to intercept isolated bands of English.  A group of English knights had the audacity to try to burn the local bordello! Well, my militia soon set that right by incredibly beating these seaborne soldiers in combat and saving the warehouse whorehouse from the spoils of English seamen!  -- if you cringed at that pun, you are not alone......
The English commander turning back in almost disbelief that he was beaten by a bunch of French militia!

I think the English won on points but were to be soon killed or captured eventually,  which apparently was the historic outcome.

The Lion Rampant ruleset is very much enhanced by a good scenario as the rules are simple so as to make the victory conditions all that more interesting.   Kevin has found his ruleset after many years of looking and can now use his vast collection to full effect.   And perhaps I have too.

Quote of the Convention:
Gamer to a host:  "I'll play if there is an odd person"
Host: (gazing upon the convention room) "Ah look around.  We are all odd. "


  1. Hope you enjoyed your first taste of Lion Rampant, Doug. I've only played a couple of games - but they are quite simple that even I don't have a problem jumping back in on game. As always Kevin's games, particularly HYW, are both fun and well-planned out. I think your comment about the English at the bordello was about as professionally stated as could be.

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