Monday, 1 June 2015

New "combat dice"

Only the most devoted OCD type wargamer might be pressed to:  a) need to buy and create a new dice model for his game and b) make a blog post about it.  Actually I have CDO.  It is exactly like OCD but letters are in the correct *bleeping* order!  -grin-

Anyway, I have had many kind comments about good looking game(s) I put on last weekend.  I did notice, to my eye anyway, the glaring red of the dice we use for combat adjudication on the tabletop.  We use special d6s with three sides having '0's.  Never gave much thought to them but the red quite shows in photos. So.....
The old red dice along with the new blacks

I decided that I must work on that.  Therefore I went to the local hobby store, bought a box of Chessex brand black d6 and proceeded to fill in the 4, 5 and 6 sides with black paint and then some gloss for durability.  Black was chosen to match with the thick black sides of our bases and markers.
black to match
OCD alert: while I would have filled in the pip divots with perhaps putty or such to make the '0' sides smooth, I felt this would compromise the weigh issue of the dice and well be too much effort to do correctly.  so I must live with seeing the old pips.
with the old reds
and now only with the blacks with the upper most die showing a nil effect

From the usual wargamer vantage point however I think they look OK and show well enough if the player will gain any advantage from the dice.


  1. Are your rules available to nosey beggars like me at all?

    1. Stokie as in Stoke FC . Wondering what a "stokie" was!

      But at this point, no. Not to rule out a 'non-published' printed version in the future once all the bugs are totally cured. But your SnapNap set is a cousin set as it were. Nice 1:72 collection BTW!

    2. Thanks Doug. Look forward to seeing them in the future.

  2. Replies
    1. *headshake* There is always one in every crowd...... ;-)

  3. What are the black boxes with the flocking on top that you have added to the bases?

  4. AHA! I found an early post, they are square markers. Nicely done sir!