Saturday, 3 October 2015

Gettysburg Gate

my scratch built "Gettysburg Gate" a representation of the famous cemetery gatehouse of the American Civil War battle.  General George Pickett of the CSA is shown here looking back at his destroyed division, one could assume.  (28mm Old Glory figure). 
Made of foam core and card with an old wood Monopoly playing piece as the top decoration!

Of course,  the really funny thing about all this, is that I have very few painted 28mm collection is now only 15mm.   The gate was built for a re-creation of the historical battle with a gaming group that I no longer attend. (  I guess I should sell it )


  1. Looks awesome! Just do it all again but in 15mm!

    1. Ha, Rodger, you enabler you... -grin-.

  2. Very nice scratch-building, Doug. Interesting too, as I would've thought the photo was of a remnant of a larger building left practically intact from shelling.

  3. Doug, I've been following anything with a big base battle. Haven't found many sites like yours. Is there a possibility of you going public with your rules or allowing acknowledged use of your rules to put on a game. I definitely like the Napoleonnics, but my current passion is AWI and I will be putting some bases together to accomplish that. The big scale and the economy it can be in my mind are good reasons to pursue the idea.
    Most of the blogs are homegrown wargamers doing their thing with their friends or their local club. The painting on these and your site is first rate. I think its a great idea. Hope you will have more info in the future on compiling the necessary rules. Thanks.