Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Medieval Irish for DBA

My new part-time job as a charter bus driver is quite the time-eater with lots of time away from the house and more importantly the painting table!
Having downtime between delivery and pickup during the day, sometimes I can get a bit of basic painting in while sitting in the cramped seats of the bus.  With only poor natural lighting and poor positioning hunched over as I am, no great detail can be done as you can imagine;  and for my version of the Irish with their rather plain dress and, well knowing that many poor brush strokes can be covered up by a heavy wash of paint, I set about doing this army of 15mm for my DBA collection.
lots of painting gaffs but really I couldn't see a lot of the details sitting on a bus.  Even with my reading glasses on.  Sigh.
These are converted Corvus Belli Numidians - which were needed for the bare Irish legs - on which I added "green stuff" cloaks
Corvus Belli Irish Kerns from their old HYW range. The first strip has been given a wash stain already.
The completed army. Yeah, well it's DBA ain't it!
Close up of the spearmen
Close up of the General as a light horse element


  1. Bus driver? ! You never fail to surprise, Doug. And getting in some painting too. Impressive. :)

  2. Very impressive to finish 'on the road'. Your productivity is an inspiration.

  3. they look rather impressive actually. Not one I would pick as a 'killer' army but loads of credibility.

    1. Oh I never pick armies for any killer characteristics. Even if I would, my poor dice luck would negate any qualities it may have! No, I simply chose it as I had the extra figures which I could then convert. The easy to paint qualities made it a prime candidate for a 'bus project'
      But thank you for the kind comments. Very nice of you.