Friday, 18 December 2015

Never enough shrubbery (on my Kentucky Volunteers of the War of 1812)

While perhaps doing basing of your miniatures might only have the simple representation of grass or going very basic 'old-school' and just painting the base green and be done with; often its behooves the modeler to put a bit of work into the basing to enhance the look.  A wargaming buddy provided pictures of his new units with the commentary that he added rocks and downed tree trunks in an effort to "Doug them" up a bit.  ( Grin. )

Here are a few pictures of my 're-organized' American Militiamen of War of 1812 I did quite some time ago.
I separated the 'marching' pose from those of a more 'skirmishing' nature.  (I did not like the mix together) separating the two types and then adding the Kuckleduster command figures. 

I "Doug-ed" up base with real twigs.  I didn't go overboard with the lichen posing as shrubbery and such, as these boys might be doing some fighting in the fields.
Kuckleduster 'Frontier Militia' with command.  Some of the poses seem like their knees are ready to buckle or one leg is shorter than the other! Characterful as they say.


  1. Very nice Doug! Is that me skulking behind the stump?

    1. Welllll, I don't know about that, but I think his name is Bill. -grin-

      Actually, other than those historical personalities created by the various manufacturers ( and those are few as most sculpturers are wary of trying to get actual likenesses ) , the only one I have in my collections is that of Murat which I showed several posts ago.
      It is hard to get the likeness especially in the small scales. Yes, the clothing can be replicated and thus we know who it is suppose to be - e.g. the Polish General Poniatowski with his fur cape - but the face is more difficult. The Perry's "Jerome Napoleon" is the exception as that figure's face really does have a striking resemblance to his brother!

      take care, Bill

  2. Volonteers are always interesting for painters, and you did a great job on those!

    1. Thanks Phil. Always the choice between ratty and varied huntingshirts or a more uniformed turnout.

  3. Very nicely really does improve the figures. Does this mean that you getting back into War of 1812 collecting/painting/gaming?

    1. Well it has been sometime has it not? The answer is sort of. Over 30 years of collecting, the behaviour of a crow interested in each new shiny thing and the attention span of a ferret, I must cycle through the collections eventually waring of one and re-starting another.
      I do have a another British unit on the painting table so, long story short, yes soon. I tend to do many different eras simultaneously.

      Bland basing for any figures gives them no service as eye-candy; but well appointed terrain serves well for even the poorest of paint jobs.