Saturday, 8 October 2016

new Ashigaru

I try, I do really try, but sometimes I can't stick to just one "project".  Everything wargaming and military history is interesting to me and thus just reading a new article, seeing an old collection or happening upon a group of miniatures will set me off on a new direction.
But I am trying to stick to this "Katana Rampant" theme.  Thusly the only thing I am painting
[ among all the other stuff :-) ] are the Kingsford Japanese of the 16th C..  I really like the sculpting so it is easy to continue to concentrate upon.

Just finished the second ashigaru unit which now gives my 'Takeda Katsuyori Clan" 18 points which, if anyone else wants a game, will give me enough for a small engagement.  Ultimately planning for 30 points for each of my two (eventual) clans.
Teppo. These arquebusiers form the Takeda Katsuyoui skirmish unit.  The archers behind are part of the new ashigaru mixed-weapon unit behind
The viewer may notice that I use various sizes and shapes of the bases within each unit.  This is to prevent any "rank upon rank" formations. Rampant rules are skirmish-y in nature and in the Kurosawa films formations are not rigid so this is the look I want.  Hard to make evenly ranked units with big circles, ovals and small rounds!
I have various multiple grouping and singles so any number of casualties can always be removed.

Purchased a 4Ground Japanese cottage MDF building and now half way to completing the structure.  Interesting to do the jigsaw puzzle (grin!). Nicely done however,  Being an old wargamer and remembering when such luxuries as such pre-cut, pre-painted buildings were not around, I still have the urge to make my own out of much cheaper materials. However does the cost outweigh the poorer quality self construction modelling and painting?  In this case I think I shall continue to purchase these building if only for consistency of form if nothing else.  (it's important to me)


  1. They look superb, wonderful details and beautiful bases!

    1. With the arrival to the hobby of 'tufts' - pre-made bunches of simulated grass - along with mini flowers together with my now usual "earthen" putty and natural(ish) looking flocking, the effect, while simple to do, does give a rather realistic-ish look I think.
      Thanks for the nice comments.

  2. good heavens! these painted figures look awesome! love the detail work on the figures...


    1. Thanks for the !!
      I did take longer than my usual time on these without being silly about it. True life does intrude upon our time so need to get at it when one can. When accounting for prepping, glueing on of the swords and sashimono, the primer, actual painting, and sanding of the wood bases and finally terrain work, they still came in well under an hour each, so time well wasted.....