Monday, 24 October 2016

War of 1812 set up

While it is everyday that I do something wargame-ish, I do such diverse activities with all my different "projects" whether I want to, or not, few things ever get done to record.  Thus nothing new to report. Sigh.
However to fill the large table, if only for the fun of viewing, I set up a scenario version of the Battle of Long Island of the AWI.  I may not get to it, but fun to view the large number of regiments I have done --- and still more to do!!

Inside the American fortifications
The British flanking move
The 49th Foot in greatcoats they wore during the Battle of Crysler's Field in 1813.  I gave the Old Glory British infantry a "coating" of green-stuff.
The War of 1812 offers fun variations on the usual British regiment such as the West India Regiments (left) and the Swiss "deWattville" (right)

.....and the 13th Foot in white shakos from their stint in the West Indies. Did not indeed wear them long in Canada but that small detail doesn't make the 'cool!' factor.  Sister unit, the 64th in garrison at Halifax, Nova Scotia, did however, but they did not engage in combat.
Plus I have collected lots of the 'usual' line troops.  Canadian militia in the rear reinforce the advance.


  1. Looks great seeing all those troops on the table!

    1. More troops than were in any one contingent at any point during the entire war!
      But with these I can do most mid-sized battles from the War of 1812, the AWI and American Civil War. All had muskets, linear formations and not a lot of cavalry.
      Thanks for the comment

  2. Doug,

    They indeed look great!

    Many years ago you were using a variation of Fire and Fury. If you don't mind me asking, what rule system do you use now?

    1. Funny you should ask. I laid out all the troops and, as it has been awhile, I then only realized that my version has been changed "to perfection" so many times, with so many amendments, that they are incomprehensible!
      I will start from scratch, go with FnF, perhaps Regt'l F&F, or just something really simple and go with that.
      Cheers Bill.

  3. Great looking units Doug. Having come to the War of 1812 late (fittingly for that 'forgotten war', I guess) I am realising that it provides plenty of opportunities for interesting and varied actions. Do you find the same?

    1. Very much so. The historical war had many actions which the wargamer will have no problem recreating and certainly with a low actual/miniature ratio. Surprisingly perhaps, most of the "larger" battles have good information to create scenarios which can be quite fun and interesting. As you suggest, this war is largely undiscovered by many wargamers so games can be set up with much legitimate 'fog of war' from many unsuspecting players!
      I often take scenarios of smaller or mid-sized American Civil War battles or the Revolutionary War as both have similar linear tactics and few cavalry, as you know from my past posts. Fun to do.