Friday, 24 February 2017

a Sengoku set to

Andrew brought over his Japanese to have a go at a Lion Rampant game.  In part it was an experiment of basing styles as his are based for Armati which he plays with the White Rock Gamers, and mine which I merely placed on pre-cut wood shapes of ovals and circles from an art store .  While my units had a greater arc of fire - the rules have range simply based upon nearest point - and I have wider units, it did not seem to have much obvious effect. ( as he was victorious ).
Andrew's "tight formations" of arquebus armed ashigaru advance against my mixed armed unit of Takeda ashigaru in the foreground.

And the battle was a bloody affair with courage tests being passed by good compared to most of our combat rolls....

The scenario, as it was, to have Andrew take the village while I was to defend it.  The orchard and houses created lanes of attack so the battle had a form of north and south zones.  His primarily teppo  force  [ arquebus armed units ] moved against my mixed weapon [ bow and spear armed ] units in the 'north' while his samurai, both foot and horse, moved against the Takeda teppo and samurai in the 'south'.
the 'northern' section of the battle
..and in the 'south' Andrew's Dixon mounted samurai unit moves against my Kingsford types - a clash which my Takeda took the worst 
the clash of foot samurai 

In future I shall look at some of the more inventive scenario plans for perhaps a more interesting game but as a test, the rules work well for the period as we simply used LR attributes.  My archers did seem to do a bit better than his teppo inclusive units so might increase the arquebus power as the Japanese of the era gave the firepower more like the flintlock than a medieval handgonne.
my ashigaru await the onslaught. 

The Takeda arquebus behind their pavises however could not shoot well but Andrew likewise could not get his foot samurai to advance quickly - or in Lion Rampant terms...failed activation often which gave me another turn to fail to inflict casualties!  

a rare view from the 'other side'!  Andrew's foot samurai charging from the left finally get to grips with my teppo unit.

the pavises cost 2 points but increase 'armor' protection. Homemade by gluing three wooden coffee stir sticks side by side and painted in the clan 'colours'

Speaking of activation, we employed the two and out rather than having the first fail to stop your turn.  Much better feel - more to the player's frustration level than to the game play,  but the game is
supposed to be fun...


  1. Very nice looking game! Will y'all be checking out the new Samurai rules from Warlord games when they release?

    1. Probably not as once I have committed to a set of rules I like to stick to it as learning one is hard enough! I don't believe in straying from one ruleset to another. Basically monoganous I am....

  2. Never really been tempted by samurai warfare but these figures really are beautiful to your comment on rules, I wish my regular gaming opponent followed that concept - he is the total opposite so that we constantly change to a new set of rules he has found and no one ever knows what is going on - does give you a realistic simulation of "the fog of war" I guess!

  3. In my decades of gaming (4 and counting) there is no good set of rules. All cannot suit everyone's ideal of exactly the mind's own version of what the period's warfare SHOULD be. However, a set of rules can provide an amended version of SOME of the aspects which a player THINKS should be there. Of course my thoughts are not necessarily another player's version.
    So I do it in reverse. I find a set of rules which, organizationally, caters to my collection and if it provides some of the aspects which I feel is necessary to give the "feel" of the period, I settle on it. It will not be perfect of course, but as long as it is fun, so be it. Oh and simpler the better! :)