Monday, 1 May 2017

"Nagashino Fences"

I wanted some fences as a terrain feature for my Samurai games and thought the pole fencing represented as per the famous battle will look good.
 Rather than a bamboo skewer construction, I thought styrene rods would glue together strong enough to allow me to wind sewing thread around each of the cross beams.  I found some likely coloured thread within the household sewing kit so I would not need to colour it.  By gluing on the upturned leftover sprues (from all of my other 'plastics' ) ,  I could achieve a regular spacing with the upright poles firmly attached to the base with the length of the sprue and not individual poles, thus ensuring a stronger bond when glued to the base cardboard.
The white portion is yet unpainted as it will form part of the basing.


  1. Very clever, Mr. Hamm. I keep holding onto things like sprue, etc. thinking that they may come in handy for situations just like this. Then I throw everything out only to realize later that I could use a lot of what I just threw out.

    1. Normally keeping stuff like this is considered hoarding or "keeping junk"; however in wargamer circles we consider it, well, prudent don't we.... :)