Monday, 11 September 2017

Longe's Farm - a Tercey campaign AAR

Skirmish at Longe’s Farm

It has been some time since we visited the Shire and the fictional conflict between the Tawny and Reds during the era of the English Civil Wars.
While the major battles raged to the south and east, the small internal conflict had taken a lengthy hiatus after the destruction of the “Sister Margaret” cannon. [link to previous post]

Successful in staving off a full siege, the Earl of Rockforth was restricted by a somewhat effective cordon of Tawny troops. The Earl's food was not plentiful and certainly not tasty.  It was thus that Primrose, one of Rockforth’s commanders had it in his mind to have some bacon and so conceived a raid upon Longe’s Farm renown in the Shire for its quality of pork.
Longe's Farm
Longe's Musketeers waiting in ambush along the rock fence (centre) looking from the southwest.
The raid was to be staged at mid-day with a noisy demonstration at the obvious spot of the bridge which led to the farm, while Urry’s cavalry would attack from the south concealed by a slight rise and descend upon the sty. Much like a scene of a TV plot, unbeknownst to Primrose and Urry loudly discussing those actions,  a cleaning maid , not so comely and thus unnoticed, had her ear to the slightly opened door to overhear and thus, subsequently provided these to the Tawnys.
My newly made buildings.  4Ground MDF with new roofs and chimneys. The original is to the rear.  I could create another house from the inside walls of the model adding a roof and beams.  The roofing tile are cereal card individually positioned and the chimney 'stone' are clay balls.  The wood on the walls is painted a darker brown but the wall color has not been changed.

Robarte’s Shotte, tasked with creating the diversion, moved forward only to receive a casualty from the fire of Browne’s dragoons hidden along the fencing near the bridge.  Urry, upon hearing the fusilade, and thinking the only possible defence was thus occupied, calmly charged toward the pig sty. With Urry’s horse now in range, Longe’s musketeers were not ordered to fire.  (failed activation) Did Longe mean to withhold fire until point blank range?  But this would make little difference   [the rules do not account for such details! ;-} ]

clash at the sty

On the other side of the farm and across the stream, Robarte’s Shotte, rather than await events, took the bold move to advance toward the bridge and the Longe Farm….but though better of it after another volley from Browne’s dragoons.
Robarte's Shotte crossing the wood bridge unopposed late in the engagement.
Meanwhile, Primrose, still unaware of Longe’s Musketeers hiding along the nearby rock fence, ordered Urry’s troopers to dismount to collect the pigs.  —what they were to do with such after gathering them was unknown.  One cannot imagine regaining a mount carrying a 100+ pound squirming pig would be possible.  Were they to herd them?  Shoot them?  But having no cart…
Primrose leading the "charge" on the pigs.....
...but the pigs seem rather unconcerned. The sty is scratch built...and doesn't it look it!  But I wanted a rather ramshackle abode.
While this comic affair was engaged, Longe still did not order a charge.  Yes, you might have already deduced, but once again he failed the activation… His musketeers probably confused and annoyed continued to crouch behind the low stone fence. while Urry’s horse continued to collect the pigs (each successful ‘move’ activation allowed them to gather a stand of pigs)
The pigs abandoned by Urry's retreating horse now had their home occupied by the dragoons.
  Meanwhile Browne’s dismounted dragoons on the other side of the farm shot again forcing Robarte’s Shotte away.  Browne then took the rather bold step to ignore Robarte’s Shotte and move through the trees to their rear to help fend off the pillaging horse at the sty. While doing so, Longe finally gathered enough courage to order the attack on Urry’s horse. Casualties were even but the dice reflected the tactical situation as Longe’s unit passed courage without difficulty while Urry’s surprised troopers failed and recoiled back dropping the pigs and becoming “battered”.  However, experienced as they are, quickly regained their composure and remounted.
By now, Browne’s dragoons had reinforced Longe’s musketeers who took a rather long time reloading their weapons….
With indecision abound, Primrose deciding that his bacon breakfast must yet wait, the skirmish was concluded and he broke off the action.


  1. The stuff of legends! Urry dropped his bear bottomed sows and fled for more meager fare. However temporary, a victory for animal rights.

  2. The opportunities for comments abound, re: "Animal Farm" allusions -- which pig is Napoleon? Which is Snowball? Puts me in mind of those Dark Age skirmish rules, "Pig Wars: When Men Were Men and Pigs Were Money." :-)

    Cheers, Kevin

    1. I do not expect such erudite application to my narratives :-)
      The game is a result of smelling of the breakfast bacon wafting into the games room as I mused about a scenario and giving me the inspiration!
      Thanks for the comment, Kevin.

  3. This is an inspiration to hire only comely cleaning maids! The not-so-comely ones are always giving away one's secret plans.

    1. But it's the bedroom talk with the comely ones which really get one into trouble is it not?
      and the image of the French maid with the short skirt is ingrained in a man's soul.....

  4. Looks and sounds like great fun Doug - nice pictures of the beautiful terrain and figures too!

    1. Yes, lots of fun and silliness but I really think that is the point, isn't it!
      Again, thanks for the kind comments.