Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Cardboard 40 years old now...

The new year inevitably brings thoughts of our time and the ever lengthening of our life.
This hit home within days of the change of the calendar when using a piece of thick card I have been employing to primer figures....for 40 years now!

I remember buying cheaply (I must assume) the board game 'Alexander'.  This was in 1978 in my junior year in high school.  I never caught that particular bug and so have not acquired the taste for wargames using chits and hexes.  Obviously I thought the board very sturdy and so it was put to "better use".

But FOURTY BLEEPING YEARS?!  Ugh.  It might well be the oldest thing I still own......

"Alexander" board section.  I suppose I should take solace in that I did not deface the playing surface.
The abused backside from 40 years of use albeit mostly covered in newspaper while being used


  1. Never throw anything out, eh?

    1. Nope. Never. My wife can attest. But not to 'hoarder' levels mine you....

  2. I still have an intact copy of Alexander. I haven't used it as a painting surface. I recall many years ago playing a board game with you and being surprised when you said you don't play board games. I always figures that board games were the gateway drug to minis.

    1. For me, right to the hard stuff. Lead is my heroin.....

      PS that game was perhaps the only handful of times playing boardgames. Don't really know why I don't play as I find when doing so is a pleasant enterprise. But there you go.

      editors note: lead includes alloys, plastics and self hardening epoxies and clays.

  3. I was thinking about looking for the oldest figs I own. I decided not to travel down that path of madness. I think you win though.