Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Poland defended!

Another Monday Night game of Napoleonic 15mm at Francis' using Shako II rules.  This was a play test of the new set of scenarios which will be published; this the "Battle of Jedlinsk"
"A pre-battle beverage sir?"
Basically, the second rate Poles are defending against mostly second rate Austrians.   Shako scenarios dictate where deployment zones are restricted.  I am always amazed how quickly the OTHER side moves.  I guess I should always be rated 'Plodding'?  
My Poles advancing (Old Glory 15mm painted by me) The base sizes are unique to Francis and which I copied.

As usual my die rolling was not hot and I was not on my 'A' game that night.  I was getting frustrated I was getting caught out and having units getting destroyed.
Austrians in the distance, my Poles defending in the foreground. The markers (my God! Austrian markers on Polish troops! Heaven forbid.  And that's why I almost lost!) indicate staggers and hits
With the game in the balance a remarkable occurrence would make the history books.  Kev had kept his only two trained regular battalions in reserve and moved them up to bolster his weak front line.  In desperation I hurled one of my second-rate battalions at them.  Finally, some good dice on my part and poor ones by Kev (the appeals to the dice-gods finally coming through!) and it broke not one but both of the Austrian 'good' units.  "Oh for #$@* sakes!" was the cry from the red-pant General.
The "white killers" Polish column (bottom of photo) seen in the process of destroying the Austrians while their General looks on.

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