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Sedentary Militia of The War of 1812

Sedentary Militia of Lower Canada during the War of 1812

Lower Canada (modern day Province of Quebec) was the heartland of New France before its fall to the British during the 'French and Indian War' (the continuation of the Seven Years War in North America) some 50 years before. 
By the time of the War of 1812, the French-Canadians felt (and still do) that they would do better under the British (Canadians) than the Americans.  Faced with invasion during Hampton's advance in the fall of 1813, the Sedentary militia were called to arms.  During the Battle of Chateauguay, a company fired upon the American flanking force and caused it to retire.  [ the French-Canadian then buggered off, but so did the American regulars!  A particularly 'interesting' battle - a skirmish really- with only a few casualties  and having a very uninspiring leadership and poorly motivated American regulars vastly outnumbering a small but well led Canadian force.] It is interesting to game.

from the Osprey title showing the Sedentary militia on the left
The Sedentary militia wore their traditional capot (jacket) and toque (wool cap).  As noted by a British officer, apparently they were quite 'uniform' in appearance and so I painted them as such.

 My wargame version are Front Rank figures from the FIW range with a minor modification of covering up the 18th Century use of feather trim to their cartridge bag with modeling putty and painting the belts white rather than the earlier natural leather belts.  However any FIW French-Canadian militia in capot or winter dress (a description applicable for most ranges I would assume) would certainly play the part.
My Lower Canadian Sedentary Militia (Front Rank figures with British officer in the usual red coat - to make the unit more War of 1812-ish!)

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