Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Again in the Russian steppes

A Monday night game at Francis' which unfortunately for me is a bit of rarity these days.  While they are building planes for the latest 'Dave Craze' (1:72 scale WW1 planes for Canvas Eagles) the boys are playing a lot of WW2 15mm. Both Francis and Dave have big collections.

I joined Kev for a German attack upon a Russian strongpoint. I will not bore you will a blow by blow, but let it be said that the Russian dice were not very good and with the poor Russian 'training' and the Battlefront rules which hamper ill-trained troops, the battle was one-sided even though technically, with no time left in the night, the Germans had not penetrated the Russian defenses. (more a fault of the scenario (distance) than casualties or such)
 For a rare time, I seemed to have the best of the dice, with at least five T-34's destroyed by time end....and one plane!
The Russian defenses
my force of Germans
The results of the Russian surprise flank attack. I seemed to roll particularly well during the game!
The Russians bring up the reserves.  Dave believes we probably have a Tiger off table. I say, "No, Dave we do not have a Tiger coming on... (he now thinks "more than one?!") But no, it is but a lone Elefant!

Francis (left) hopes that this roll will not be another 1, but Dave does not seem that convinced
Part of Kev's force of elites.  SS in peadot, painted by me for Francis an few years ago.  The over sized dots on these 15mm show up better at distance so more identifiable on the table.
Oh and that plane I mentioned I had shot down, by a tank no less?  And thankful I did too as Dave forgot to bring the proper model (and it was the "special thing" of the scenario!)  so substituted this white 'object' unpainted upon the table!  Shame, shame!

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  1. Nice looking game. Missed this post when it came out. Some of down south are getting hyped into Bolt Action - I'm sure you've seen the talk on the NHMGS sites. I'm willing to give it a go as I have some 28mm stuff already painted. Best, Dean