Tuesday, 15 January 2013

'Hanau' French completed

I have happily met my obligations to paint up the French troops for the Battle of Hanau ( October 1813) with the completion of the Imperial Guard Chasseurs a Cheval.  These are in their campaign dress - so no plumes, no pelisse, no colpack bags blowing in the wind....  Rather boring in their green uniform actually. 

My original intent was to do the 1814 Campaign for France which was fought in the winter and a wet spring; so conceptually I wanted most units in their practical campaign dress.   Not very colorful but realistic. Thus my newly painted Young Guard are thus attired with mud encrusted hems of their overcoats and loose march order showing their fatigue in fighting for Napoleon's glory.
The figures are Victrix Chasseurs of the Guard with an assortment of miscellaneous Perry heads. I did not add some backpacks and thus added the crossbelts on the back to further give a ragtag feel.  I wanted a motley look  :-)

[ For those questioning: the dice are for 'hits' and are in small divots in the terrain putty mud.  The blank sections at the rear of the stands make for easy placement of the formation's or commanding General's information card.
Yes the stands are very thick but this to to encourage the use of the stand not the handling of the figures by players.  The flocking blends the stands into the table quite well however ]


  1. Great looking troops, Doug. Hmmm, they are very realistically attired and certainly look the part. But that said, if I ever do any Imperial Guard, they will likely be in full-dress - or close to it - I may allow some infantry to wear trousers; but they will have plumes and such. That's why I was nonplussed with Victrix Guardsmen with greatcoats and campaign look. Anyway, they do look great in any case. Looking forward to seeing this game you're working up to. Best, Dean

  2. Yes, Dean, perhaps I should be painting WW1 in the trenches type soldiers and not the showy and gleam of the TRUE Napoleonic dress, eh? But you do know that they slept on muddy ground , fought in snow and rain, without stop in those same clothes.
    At the end of only one week, pretty, bright and colorful they would not be...

    But of course why do Napoleonics and NOT do the plumes and all. Ain't Naps without the dress. So the next French units will be in their full dress (well almost). I have the remaining Berdin uniformed chaps from the Perry boxes to paint up yet and any further units will have a bit more 'show' in them.

    Thanks for the kind comments and I will keep a spot open for you in the Hanau game if you want to participate.

  3. Thanks, Doug! I will definitely take you up on that Hanau game at Enfilade! Dean

    P.S. Can't wait to see your "parade ground" troops soon. If I ever do French Imperial Guard, I'll look to Front Rank - they seem to have the best looking in full dress. 1st Ed. Old Glory is not ruled out though :)