Thursday, 24 January 2013

Napoleonic Playtest

Continuing to work on our joint venture to put on the Battle of Hanau (October 30th, 1813), Seth came up last weekend to playtest the new rules I have been developing.
Because of our use of very large base sizing, the type of grand tactical game we have envisioned, and the requirement to keep the game rules as simple as possible for the convention but still be Napoleonic in style, we felt a whole new concept is required.

The lone picture (we both had technical difficulties with our cameras!) shows to good effect the look of the game.  One should ignore the uncompleted bases and rudimentary terrain as this was a private game we did much to hammer out the concepts.  Of course this was between two like minds; once played by the convention player, the rules will surely fall apart <grin>

But the game did keep us stoked about the whole project.

I now understand the popularity of the Austrians.  Very effective looking on the tabletop.  Easy to paint (white primer, a touch of flesh, browns and facing colors, a quick wash and taa daa) and the white wave of their infantry crashes upon the enemy. 

(please note that the rules will not be published and are strictly a private venture and perhaps, after the convention, thrown away!)


  1. Great looking set up and figures, Doug. That one-picture trick is great - leaves us wanting to see more. BTW, not a Black Powder fan? I like it as a good tool kit - very adaptable to house rules. Best, Dean

    1. Dean,
      One photo is all we had! (sigh). The Battle of Hanau is a tough one to wargame as the Allies outnumbered Napoleon 2 to 1 in a defensive position but the French had fighting, for the most part, the elite Old Guard.

      Plus we have gone with one element units and a huge ratio (~1:200+) AND more importantly we want a conclusion to this very large historical game in one game session at a convention. Tall order. But we hope these new rules will be good for our purposes. I will keep a spot open for you and you can comment freely about them after the con. (ya gunna be Austrian, Bavarian or French??)

  2. "once played by the convention player, the rules will surely fall apart"

    If it weren't for the players messing things up, every rule set would be perfect.